• A Resource Centre with a collection of approximately 7000 resources volumes with ICT facilities
  • Conduct an international seminar in the year 1977 on schools libraries, pedagogical centre and children literature
  • Conducted a national seminar on the situation of community based school libraries
  • Develop 12 school libraries as models of quality school libraries supported by DANIDA
  • Developed around 500 libraries including schools, two earthquakes re -habitation camp and a orphan home. Materials supported by The Danish Association of School Librarians (DASL) and Tribhuwan Universiry Central Library (TUCL), Nepal India library, American library, publishers, friends of NASL etc.
  • Conducted a seminar on the role of Information literacy for quality education at the school level
  • Conducted s seminar on role if headmaster for quality education
  • Conducted a seminar on reading habit development programmes
  • Conducted a seminar in children literature for quality writing and publishing children’s book
  • Put up an exhibition of other library activities related to school exhibition
  • Publication of newsletters interrelation programmes
  • Organized different types if rally for advocacy (on foot, bicycle, motor bike)
  • Organized different programmes to promote library development on the occasion of library and school library day.
  • Participated in different course  and seminar nationally and internationally and also presented papers
  • Participated to help earthquake affected districts and materials, clothes, food, drinks and organized psychosocial classes etc.

Achieved / Out comes

  • Expecting more 500 school libraries will be established
  • 500 teacher librarians will be trained
  • Providing seminar to 500 head masters, role of  headmaster on quality school library development
  • Seminar on cooperative planning and teaching strategies by integrating school curriculum with library curriculum and reading habit promotion activities and can plan the assessment involving teacher librarian
  • Will be able to produce  materials and benefitted from the materials  exhibition
  • Skills of learning will be achieved
  • Can run the library in a systematic manner.

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