NASL has an executive committee (EC) to function the association. The EC is the blood and soul of the NASL in the sense that it is the governing body of the association.

Central Committee is responsible for policy making , strategic planning and developing relationship with the International likeminded Association and planning and co coordinating  with the Government and donor agencies.

There are central committee, district committee, and Pradesh coordinator and students club.

1.    Chairperson:

·       Chairperson is responsible to chair the meetings, and represent the meetings, programmes, and coordinate to the Government;

·       To held meetings with the donor agency;

·       To attend important seminar and other events;

·       To develop  policy and strategies with the cooperation of executive members, librarians and scholars;

·       To help the Government to develop school library policy, services and programme;

·       To give last decision, monitoring and evaluating of the work done by his/her subordinate and use other rights of the constitution of NASL.

2.    General Secretary:

·       To run secretariat in a systematic way;

·       The held meetings in the absence of Chairman;

·        To support chairman;

·       To submit yearly resorts  in the General Assembly

·       To prepare documents passed by meetings and follow the decision.

3.    Treasurer:

·       To prepare and submit  the budget on the basis of the yearly program passed by the executive committee and submit to the meetings;

·       To observe, care and control the fund;

·       To develop systematic accounting system;

·       To work for the benefit of the association;

·       To support chairman.

4.    Members

·       To support the chairman;

·       To work for the benefit/ betterment of the association;

·       To discuss and share ideas in the meetings about the various programmes and events of the association and give decision, and support and follow the work indicated in the constitution of NASL.


 NASL has an advisory board 3-5 to advice the executive committee, monitors and update it as for the demands of the situation


There are district committees which is responsible to work for each district and organized programmes under the rules and regulation provided by NASL constitution and the guidance of central executive committee.