The Nepalese Association of School Librarians (NASL) is a registered non-government, not for profit, social organization with the mission of “One School, One Library”. Founded in 1996 as an ad-hoc committee, it was registered in 1997 with the mission of encouraging library requirement in every school towards the betterment of quality education throughout Nepal.
NASL has prioritized emphasis on the establishment of a library in every school for quality education which may help students to be more creative and introduce lifelong learners who may develop as the policy makers for the future.
Formed with the chief motive of providing quality education in the school levels (K-12), the association has been developing a resource-based and research-based education system that would be effective for all pupils to become critical thinkers, independent learners and decision makers.
NASL frequently conducts Teachers’ Training, Library Administration and Management Training, Information Literacy programmes, School Library Awareness Programs, and Seminars, Workshops and other important programs related to library and other educational issues. It also helps establish libraries in schools by providing logistic and material support.