Vision, Mission, Objectives

One school with one well-equipped library and the vision to promote quality education and produce skilled and creative citizens by making good pedagogical use of the library.

Our mission is to provide a national forum for all people interested in promoting quality education through school library programs.
This association provides guidance and advice for the development of school library services and programs for quality and resource-based/ Research based and independent learning educational pattern as well as the development of school library profession. Working in conjunction with other professional associations and institutions, NASL is founded with the motto of “One School, One Library.”

Core value of NASL
  • To improve education quality in schools by raising awareness among all stakeholders;
  • To develop, maintain and promote school library guidelines;
  • To promote the continuation of training and education among teacher-librarians;
  • To extend information literacy programmes to school libraries; and
  • To organize activities relating to school libraries and other educational activities which develop the habit of life long learning, critical thinking and decision making;    
General Objectives
In addition to the vision, mission and motto, NASL has prioritized the following general objectives:
  1. To stress the importance of quality school libraries for the promotion of quality education services.
  2. To help schools establish libraries and expand it to the maximum extent to ensure a bright future for all students and teachers, as well as for the development of overall personality of the pupils and the institution.
  3. To develop competent and professional human resources required in the field of school library development and management.
  4. To promote sharing of resources and networking among similar associations, libraries, information centers, educational institutions, documentation centers and donor agencies.
  5. To strengthen the relationship with authors of children’s quality books and support publications.
  6. To conduct training, research, workshops, seminars, excursions, exhibitions and other special educational programs.
  7. To set up databases of school libraries for proper statistical records.
  8. To help the Government in developing school library policy, rectifications and implementation guidelines for the betterment of school-level education.
  9. To implement information literacy and skills through school library to make them confidence for critical thing, lifelong learning and decision making.
  10. To integrate school curriculum and library curriculum.