In 1995 Ms. Sharada siwakoti, the founder Principal of Kshitiz Higher Secondary English Boarding  School had an opportunity for a short  educational trip to Denmark for six months with the invitation of The Danish Association of School Librarians (DASL), The arrangement was made by Henny Dossing( Paudel), The then  Denish Education volunteer for Nepal. Mrs. Siwakoti had a very lively discussion about teaching and learning system of Nepal with her colleagues there. They also share their ideas with her about the way of effective teaching children through dialogues and school libraries.
 After her return to Nepal, she felt the importance of quality education through school library as a pedagogical concept. She visited schools and share ideas with her colleagues about the Danish teaching, and the school library for quality education. She also introduced pedagogical concept in teaching children and advocated for the significant of library in creative thinking, problem solving,  life long learning and decision making and the importance of  children literature, adding School library is the hub of the institution and the librarian is the mentor who coordinates headmaster, Subject teacher, and student for their educational journey. She would like to develop the school library as a pedagogical concept according to the educational culture and the available resources.
She has noticed there the main three important duties and responsibilities of the librarian, they are: Librarian as manager, Events organizer, and a teacher.
She noticed there the democratic teaching and learning patterns, resource based learning and the active learning. Keeping the above mentioned view, she formed an ad-hoc committee with the help of her school staffs and her sisters and started working to develop School Library as a pedagogical concept. She formed the ad-hoc committee with the help of her sisters and own school staffs and students to practice her ideas.